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All Naturals Himalayan Rock Salt USB Lamp Hand Carved Mountain Shaped Unique Diwali Gift 4-5 Inch Height Color Changing LED, Unique Gift

All Naturals

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Brand: All Naturals

Color: Pink


  • TIRED OF THOSE PLASTIC & METAL LAMPS?? How about a beautiful and compact lamp made from rare Himalayan Rock Salt that is 100% natural, radiates different lights from each side, relaxes your senses, and spreads tons of positive energy at your work desk or in your bedroom? Too good to be true? Then read on
  • NOT HAVING A HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP IN YOUR HOME OR OFFICE IS LIKE NOT HAVING A WINDOW!! All Naturals Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is exactly what you need to bring positivity to your surroundings, and, most importantly to your mind, in these stressful times, along with a unique addition to your décor.
  • NATURAL AIR PURIFIER: Salt, being hygroscopic, attracts water molecules from the air that hold dirt, pollen, smoke and bacteria. This purifies the air naturally.
  • BENEFITS OF A SALT LAMP: Promotes sound sleep. Purifies & Deodorizes the Air. Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation. Improves Mood & Concentration. Reduces Static Electricity from the surroundings. Known to increase Energy Levels. Environmentally-Friendly. runs on a 2W LED Bulb
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Himalayan Rock Salt Usb Lamp Mountain Shaped. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: HANDLE WITH CARE. This lamp is made from rock salt crystals, hence, is fragile. KEEP AWAY FROM WATER TO AVOID SALT FROM DISSOLVING. During rainy season, wrap this lamp with transparent cling film/shrink wrap and continue to use. Remove the climg film/shrink wrap after the rainy season

Publisher: All Naturals

Details: This product in the display is a salt lamp, it is made of crystal material and comes in pink color.



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