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Banggood Premium Adjustable Edge Smoother Polisher Cake Scraper for Professional Looking Round Cakes/Fondant/Icing(Pink, EX123456)


  • Rs. 799.00

Brand: Banggood

Color: Pink


  • Perfect diy cake smoother at home: ever wondered how they manage to make cakes look so perfectly shaped at cake shops - well, the secret is right in front of you. With this little cooking gadget you can effortlessly achieve the smoothest and most spotless cakes ever and leave your guests and family stunned
  • Proudly display your mouth watering cakes: nothing yells celebration more than a cake that not only tastes divine but also looks gorgeous. Create the most clean and sharp edges for your round/ barrel or even square cakes and get everyone to drool over your creation
  • Easy to use: you may be thinking that there is a difficult process behind smooth looking cakes but in reality, you only need this simple icing spatula. Adjust the height of the bar to your cakes height and simply start smoothing the excess frosting by rotating the cake. Simple, easy, perfect every time
  • Adjustable and removable: according to your need, you can adjust the height to fit on different thickness and size of the cake (up to 10 inches) with our removable cake scraper( with scale). The ergonomic design handle is designed to easily hold it for making
  • Non-toxic and safe material: our cake decorating spatula is made out of , food grade plastic that is mighty durable. Keep on filling your christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and any cake-worthy occasion with the best looking cakes you ever did

Details: Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, kid's parties- what do they all have in common -

Delicious and stunning looking cakes of course.

No matter what your occasion is, it always deserves the best, most beautiful cake. So why not make it yourself -

Irresistible & mouthwatering cakes every-single-time

with our adjustable cake scraper, you will be able to effortlessly shape your cakes, make them perfectly smooth every time, with zero effort.

Whether it's barrel or square cakes, our cake frosting tool will give you the smooth most sharp looking surface so that you can really take your cake decorating to the next level.

Take out all the guesswork & do it like the pros.

The tip top cake adjustable cake scraper is:

super easy to use

mighty durable

perfect for cakes up to 8 inches

perfect for round or square cakes

perfect as a gift for all baking enthusiasts

We guarantee that your guests will drop their jaws on the floor when they found out that it was all you behind that gorgeous cake.

We want you to focus solely on stunning your family & guests with your baking skills so that is why we take all the risk out of the equation.

If there is absolutely anything wrong with your product, we will move heaven and earth to make it right by you.

So grab your edge smoother today & start baking wonders.

EAN: 4611518968070

Package Dimensions: 11.2 x 4.3 x 0.8 inches

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