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70% Off Exotic and Vibrant water beads / Cheap water beads / magic gel crystal water beads (1 X 1 inches)(Use Coupon Code:50%)


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Exotic and Vibrant water beads / Cheap water beads / magic gel crystal water beads / Crystal soil / Water pearls / water marbles / Water crystals / rainbow pearls / water gels / and aqua gems Water beads absorbs water to increase in size more than 200% giving it an almost gel-like feel that's cool and wet to touch. It comes in 13 vibrant colors, which can be used for both live and silk floral arrangements for weddings, receptions, special events, parties as well as home decor and design. You can mix and match the colors to create a specific color scheme for your event or home décor.Mix colors for stunning effects. HOW TO USE WATER BEADS? Drop one packet of water beads into a 2 liter bottle or bowl. (Note: To add fragrance, replace water with water based liquid potpourri) Let stand in water/water based liquid potpourri for 4-6 hours. (4 hours with hot tap water. 6 hours with cold tap water.) (Note: Hot water will help the water beads absorb water faster giving you less time to wait if you're pressed for time). Once they've absorbed water to their full potential, use a kitchen colander to drain off water and rinse. Build your arrangements using house plants, curly twigs, flowers, candles and anything that you can think of to enhance your arrangements and enjoy! (NOTE: Water Beads should not be used with house plants that need a lot of sun unless you mix the water beads into the soil when potting. Direct sunlight will shorten the life of water beads and may discolor them and smell). If you wish to feed plants, dissolve feed in water prior to soaking water beads. Plants will benefit from the gradual release of water and feed. Water beads are extremely slippery when spilled.. 6WATER BEADS PACKET 1 packet - 25-30 beads


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