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FABER-CASTELL - 3 Dimensional Outliners (Set of 5) – The Craft Gallery
FABER-CASTELL - 3 Dimensional Outliners (Set of 5) - {variant_title}} - pen - SSM - -

FABER-CASTELL - 3 Dimensional Outliners (Set of 5)


  • Rs. 60.00

3 Dimensional Outliners
Brands: Faber Castell
  • Acrylic Colours - best on Fabrics, Earthenware, Canvas, Wood, Styrofoam etc.
  • Ready-to-use  colours in tubes -  give 3-Dimensional effect
  • Strong Bonding and Permanent even on synthetic surfaces- not easy to scrape
  • Fine Line Nozzle- For fine line drawing .Thick lines obtained on application of pressure
  • Excellent washability and fixability- fixes even without ironing
  • Colour and Create paper design stickers - for trials on non-washable surfaces



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