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Laxmi Ganesha Navdhanya Idol (Golden Colour)

Laxmi Ganesha Navdhanya Idol (Golden Colour)

Dharohar The Heritage

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Brand: Dharohar The Heritage

Color: Golden


  • Their wisdom full use definitely bless one's life with both spiritual ecstacy and worldly success. Since time immemorial,due to their well proven auspiciousness, these nine grains are consisdered an inevitable component of almost all Karm-Kandas (rituals related to god/goddess's and nav-graha to remove the obstacles and bless one's life with health, wealth, peace & prosperity) and daily worship.
  • In all rituals, whether retalted to birth, marriage, buisness/work or any other aspect of human life, of almost all cultures and civiliazations one or the other of these nine grains are used as an integral component.
  • In ''Padma-purna'' the significance of these nine grains are well elaborated and these grains are equated with, due to their infinite positive energy/strength and power, Lord Brahma (germinator), Lord Vishnu ( the preservator) & Goddess Laxmi (the consort of lord Vishnu and goddess of wealth/prosperity).
  • In conclusion, because of their intrinsic positive qualities, these grains are considered as one of the richest receptors of cosmic energy in general and of nav-grahas (Nine planets) in particular.
  • And, treated as the herbinger of peace and prosperity. Let's make the life ourself and our dear once full of happiness and free from Nav-Dhanya.

Publisher: Dharohar The Heritage

Details: These first-of-its-kind NAV-DHANYA Idols are made of NINE AUSPICIOUS GRAINS. IMPORTANCE AND SIGNIFICANCE OF NAV DHANYA IDOLS: The etymology of the word "Dhanya" itself reveals it's importance. "Dhanya" means properity. The significance of Nav-Dhanya (Nine Auspiciou Grains) for their spiritual, astrological, materialistic/wordly and positive energy related benefits are very well mentioned in many ancient Indian scriptures like Padampurana etc. Astrologically, It is beleieved that every thing in the Universe is influenced and goverened by Navgraha (Nine Planets), whether it is a plant, tree, animal or a human being. Our seer/sages (Rishi/Muni) who were blessed with the divine vision, could see, identify and systematically analyse the integral relationship and impact of cosmicenergy in general & of nine planets in particular on Human beings. As thery were devoteed for the overall well being of the human being, out of their divine, scientific and systematic wisdom, they identified few selected items avilable on earth as one of the best receptors and transponders of the positive cosmic energy emitted by the Nav-grahas (nine planets). In this regard they ranked on top the NINE AUSPICIOUS GRAINS,highly capable to not only countering the negative effects/navgraha doshas of nine planets on human being but to bless them with their positive energy also.

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