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LINQS Smart NFC Business 1Card Vogue 2 Smart NFC Business Card


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Brand: LINQS


  • A business card that saves your complete contact details in the phone with just a touch magical experience
  • One card that would last many years and a gift to remember for you and your near and dear ones this diwali
  • No need to reprint cards when you want to change something, just update 1card contact profile
  • Unlimited phone numbers, emails, websites and addresses, no other business card can hold so much information and save all of it in the phone address-book
  • It is a 1card vogue 2 which is the latest 1card model works online and offline that is with or without internet

Publisher: LINQS


UPDATE: 1Card Vogue 2 NFC sharing now works without internet

1Card is the next generation business card.


1Card is a business card with NFC chip. By just touching 1Card to a NFC enabled smartphone, your entire contact profile appears on the smartphone and can be saved in phone's addresbook. The receiver requires no app to be present or downloaded.

1Card also has an unique QR Code. A non NFC enabled phone can scan the QR Code with any QR Code reader app to view your contact profile and save it.

Ordering 1Card Vogue:

When you receive your 1Card, just touch it to your NFC enabled smartphone or scan the QR Code to create your contact profile. You don't need to provide any details while ordering 1Card.

Personalizing your 1Card Vogue:

1Card stores your profile in digital format. So, unlike normal business cards, you don't need to print anything over 1Card.

Your 1Card profile:

Your 1Card profile contains - name, photograph, short bio, company name, designation, phone numbers, email-ids, websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ profile links, office and home addresses. Except your name, everything is optional. 1 Card allows you to convey much more about you than a paper business card.

You can edit your 1Card profile as many times as you want.

The profile is cloud-based allowing us to provide you more features over time.

Technical Details:

1Card is made of PVC and is waterproof.

1Card owners can take their profile offline.

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