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Plusvalue Feng Shui Golden Arowana Fish Strong Wealth Symbol & Protects From Mishaps, Troubles


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Brand: Plusvalue

Color: Gold


  • Fengshui Arowana Fish To Protect You From Sudden Loss
  • The Arowana Is A Highly Influential Icon Among All Other Water-Dwelling Creatures.
  • It Will Bring All Kinds Of Blessings To Your Business & Home.
  • Material - Fiber , Weight - 308 Gm Apxm, ( L X W X H ) - 16.5 Cm X 5.3Cm X 7.5 Cm Apxm.

Legal Disclaimer: Care & Disclaimer: Color may vary due to photographic effects & enhancements, Keep the Fiber Arowana Fish away from Chemical, Texture & Weight may vary from the photograph.

Publisher: plusvalue

Warranty: No Warranty as its a spiritual product


Feng Shui Arowana Fish

Material - Fiber

Weight - 308grams approx

( L X W X H ) - 7.5cm X 6.5cm X 5.5cm approx

According to Feng Shui, the Arowana s known as the "golden dragon" or "living dragon". It is a significant symbol of prosperity because the word fish in Chinese translates to "yu", which also means wealth. 

The Arowana is a highly influential icon among all other water-dwelling creatures. It will bring all kinds of blessings to your business & home. Few of these being increased income (the reason for its title of the "wealth fish" by affluent businessmen and tycoons), prevention of accidents and harm, protection and guardianship, as well as an enhancement of surrounding chi flow. 

It can be placed in a number of ways on your premises. Following are some of the recommendation:- 

(A) If you wish to improve and attract your financial luck, place this Arowana in your prominent locations in your living area, dining area and bedroom in south-east or north zone of your house. 

(B) You can display Arowana fish near or inside your fish pond or fish tank to attract more wealth. 

(C)) This exclusive lucky charm is ideal for influential people such as managers, Key Executives, and bosses & even for employees for their personal development and financial opportunities. It can be placed on the desk or nearby shelf. 

(D)) According to feng shui bagua, the North sector is the creator of career opportunities. Place this Arowana fish in the north sector of your living room to win you windfall luck and optimize your career opportunities. 

(E) To enhance your money luck and income, display feng shui Arowana at Southeast corner of the cash register counter or the reception desk of an office. 

UPC: 613449809167

EAN: 0613449809167

Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.9 x 3.5 inches

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